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Finder Education is a team of overseas education consultants, operating directly from Europe. We are based in the heart of Paris and in India. Primarily we guide Indian students and Our goal is to provide an honest guidance, as we met students being misguided by a so called education consultancy and stuck on a strange land, neither being able to stay there nor to get back to homeland. ​

We have been guiding our students, clearing out both misconceptions and misguidance to choose a country. And to select an institution, to apply and get an admission, preparing the documentation to obtain visa, and meeting the student after flying abroad to make sure the student is able to deal with the new culture on a foreign land.



   There’s nothing more wrong than judging a fish by its ability to climb up. That’s exactly why we ensure to analyse and evaluate your profile real deep. We consider your financial condition and the reason why you want to fly abroad before showing you the path. Because we aspire to put an end to being misguided by any education consultants, sitting in India and misinterpreting about the studies and life abroad.

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   As we understand how scary it can get making a huge decision for your life to choose the right path. Our mentors have real life experience. They went through that moment to choose what was the best for their career. They can help you get an admission to study in all over Europe. Starting from required documents, choosing the best college/university and applying to your institution, We help you out with honesty.


   From analyzing your profile, most importantly considering your financial situation and keeping your goal in my mind. We make sure to help you in 360°. Therefore to secure a visa for the desired and qualified country. Importantly in other words to ensure you can fly onto the land that you aspired to.


   Besides getting visa, flying Europe and surviving as a stranger in a foreign country. It can be as scary as exciting it seems. That’s why we are here to guide you about living and making a survival in Europe. Currently our team guides you for FRANCE, GERMANY, POLAND, ITALY, Spain, Czech and LATVIA.

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Finder Education  is established by the person, who once was an abroad aspirant. He put out quite a lot of information and his own experience about being an Indian in Europe through his youtube channel. Therefore to help out the students, who are aspiring to move abroad to pursue their studies. This thought took a shape when he was making his trials to fly abroad. As there wasn’t a chance to have an honest guidance and a right path. To know about the dream of flying abroad and life after reaching there. So we made it easy through our programme of awareness. In order to help you take a right step in your life.

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